Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day – Recovery Style

March 13, 2012 by Caroline

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year on March 17th in honor of the feast day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.  St. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in Ireland and is also a worldwide celebration of Irish culture and history.  Although St. Patrick’s Day is notorious for green beverages, there are many ways to celebrate responsibly and have fun, while also safeguarding your recovery.  

1) Wear Green, Be Green
Everyone likes to wear green clothing on St. Patrick’s Day.  Why not go the extra step while wearing your green clothes?  Organize a local can and bottle collection recycling drive and donate the profits to a local non-profit/charity of your choice..  By collecting cans and bottles to recycle, you can ensure that less reusable goods are going to waste in a landfill, making Earth a cleaner, greener place for future generations. 

 2) Host a “Green Eggs and Ham” Brunch
Invite a group of friends over to enjoy a hearty brunch of Dr. Seuss’ famous “Green Eggs and Ham.”  You can even bring the kiddos along and have story time during breakfast; a fun, family activity for all.  

3) Get Crafty with Origami Shamrocks
Decorate your home or office in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  You can even be “green” by creating origami shamrocks out of old newspapers, magazines, junk mail, or other paper you were going to recycle.  The paper gets another use and you get unique décor to enjoy.     

4) Enjoy the Outdoors
This year, St. Patrick’s Day is just three days before the first day of spring.  If the weather forecast is correct, it’s going to be in the 70’s this coming Saturday.  A little unusual for Minnesota in March – but we’re not complaining!  Find a St. Patrick’s Day parade in your area or have lunch at an Irish restaurant.  Leave the car at home and walk there.  Enjoying the “green” nature around you is the perfect way to celebrate any holiday – and on this particular one, you can also wear green while you do it. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!    

Resources for this blog can be found at http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/arts-culture/stories/7-tips-for-a-great-st-patricks-day


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