Programs and Services

Alcohol, drug and compulsive gambling addictions have devastating effects on individuals and the people they love.  While at times a situation may feel hopeless, Project Turnabout believes that all alcoholics and addicts can, and deserve to be, treated for their disease and given the opportunity to lead full, healthy lives.  Treatment at Project Turnabout is confidential, respectful and dignified, and helps each individual patient learn skills to support life-long recovery.

All Project Turnabout programs are designed to meet the specific needs of every individual who comes through our doors.  We apply a holistic approach to treatment, encompassing mind, body and spirit as components of a healthy life and use an abstinence based model of care that incorporates education, specific therapy, peer relationships and general health with the supportive network of 12-step recovery groups.  Individualized care plans allow patients to work on both general issues affecting everyone and specific issues that meet their individual needs.

Licensed professionals facilitate all programming, which includes individual and group therapy, lectures and videos, recreation, nutritional planning and more.  Staff includes licensed counselors and nurses, a psychologist, chaplain and a physical fitness trainer.

Residential programs for chemical dependency are offered on the campus in Granite Falls as well as the Halfway House Program in Marshall.  Outpatient and Continuing Care Services are available in Granite Falls, Marshall, Redwood Falls and Willmar.  The Vanguard Residential Compulsive Gambling Program is offered on the campus in Granite Falls.

Project Turnabout Offers a Full Continuum of Care:

    • Separate Residential Programs for Men and Women with Primary and Extended Care Options
    • Residential Compulsive Gambling Treatment
    • Detoxification and 24-Hour Nursing Services
    • Outpatient and Continuing Care Programs
    • Men’s Residential Halfway House
    • Family Program
    • Psychological and Spiritual Services
    • Nutrition Services
    • Individualized Exercise Programming
    • DWI Clinics
    • Diversion Program
    • Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Program
    • Educational and Prevention Services


Please visit our program pages to learn additional information about each specific program offered at Project Turnabout.

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