Vanguard Center for Compulsive Gambling

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The Vanguard Center for Compulsive Gambling is a nationally recognized residential treatment program for men and women 18 years of age and older who are experiencing problems due to compulsive gambling. The 20-bed Vanguard facility is a separate unit located on Project Turnabout’s main campus. It is currently the only residential program for problem gambling in Minnesota and one of a few in the nation.

Compulsive gambling is often called the “hidden illness” due to the lack of outward signs and symptoms that are often apparent with other dependencies. Families and friends of gamblers are often shocked when they learn the seriousness of an individual’s problems. They have no idea the gambling has progressed to the depth it has. For this reason, treatment and recovery of this addiction must be approached in a specific manner. The services offered at Vanguard are designed to offer the help and hope necessary to make recovery and life-long abstinence from gambling a reality.

All Vanguard patients complete a comprehensive assessment with our clinical team (licensed counselors, mental health professionals, and nurses), as well as a physical exam at a local clinic. Physical and psychological needs, gambling behavior, social, spiritual, nutritional, emotional, education, and family history are all addressed during the assessment. If, during the course of treatment, a co-occurring alcohol or drug problem is identified, patients may complete an assessment and be referred for chemical dependency treatment. Information gathered in the assessment process is utilized by our clinical team and the patient to formulate an individualized treatment plan designed to help the patient identify and overcome their barriers and develop coping skills which will help them live a gamble-free lifestyle.

A variety of theoretical and therapeutic approaches may be utilized to help the patient establish abstinence and learn how to live successfully without engaging in gambling or other compulsive behaviors. Strategies used may include principles of Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12-Step Facilitation and others therapies which are generally considered to be evidence-based. Patients primarily participate in group therapy, which helps to break the isolation and secrecy that is a hallmark of compulsive gambling. Other daily and/or weekly activities include financial counseling for each patient and their family members, education through reading, lectures and videos, individual and group therapy, relaxation and meditation, physical fitness, and aftercare planning. Family programming is provided on a weekly basis and provides education for family members and facilitated group sessions which are designed to open lines of communication, discuss on-going recovery activities and initiate the healing process.

Vanguard patients use all amenities that our campus has to offer, including a gymnasium, fitness center, and spiritual center, while remaining autonomous to implement gambling specific therapies and programming.

Funding options include private pay and a limited amount of charitable funds. For Minnesota residents, partial funding may be available through a grant from the MN Department of Human Services. Funding arrangements must be made with the Business Office prior to admission. For referral to this program, or further information, please call 1-800-862-1453.


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